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Rectifiers for railways

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Technical data


V-MPP-D-1.6k-3.3k UHL4

V-TPP-D-1.6k-3.3k UHL4

V-MPP-D-3.15k-3.3k UHL4

BL-V-MPP-3.15k-3.3k UHL4

BL-V-TPP-3.15k-3.3k UHL4

Nominal rectified voltage, kV 3.3 3.3 3.3
Nominal rectified current, kA 1.6 3.15


Cooling Forced Forced Forced
Rectification circuit Bridge, 6/12-pulse Bridge, 6/12-pulse Bridge, 6/12-pulse
Input voltage phases 3 or 6 3 or 6 3 or 6

Nominal voltage of the auxiliary circuits, V (AC or DC)

DC 110 or 220

AC 220 or 380

DC 110 or 220

AC 220 or 380

DC 110 or 220

AC 220 or 380
Efficiency coefficient in nominal mode, %, minimum 99.6 99.6 99.6
Thermal withstand current of the main circuits with current breaking actuation time up to 0.25 sec, kA, minimum 12.5 25 25
Climatic version and location category UHL4 (boreal climate, from +5 to +45 degrees Celsius) UHL4 (boreal climate, from +5 to +45 degrees Celsius) UHL4 (boreal climate, from +5 to +45 degrees Celsius)
IP code IP20 IP20 IP20
Peak withstand current of the main circuits, kA, minimum 20 40 40

Dimensions (W x D x H), mm, maximum

1010x1460x2400 1455x1520x2400 1890x1460x2400
Weight, kg, maximum 540 1080 1200



The rectifiers of traction power supply system are designed to convert AC into DC at railway traction substations.

One-type rectifiers can be  assembled into functional units by it’s parallel or series connection. That’s make possible to increase rectifier output  power, voltage and current.


  • Using coolers based on heat pipes provides high overload capacity, lighter weight and smaller size of the rectifiers.
  • The calibrated power mechanisms with visual control of the pressure of the semiconductor devices exclude torque wrenches and, therefore, simplify the assembling and maintenance of the rectifiers.
  • The special holding devices provide replacement of the semiconductor devices without disassembling of the power equipment.
  • Continuous monitoring of the current, voltage, temperature and damage absence of the semiconductor devices is provided.
  • Bus- / cable-connection of the rectifiers to the supply circuit and load is possible.
  • The contact connections of the interface of the power buses need no maintenance over the entire operation life due to using the disc springs with normalized pressure.
  • To provide the operating personnel’s safety, the panel doors are equipped with electromagnetic interlock.