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Substation control panels

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Technical data

Quantity of the ports for digital protection devises, smart terminals, telemetry and diagnosing devices


Exchange protocol for the bay connectors and the dispatch center computer MODBUS RTU

Quantity of the input discrete signals of the overall substation signaling 


Quantity of the input current loops of the alarm signaling 

Quantity of the output discrete signals of the substation  control panel (relay contacts) 16

Exchange interface with the bay controllers and modem


Supply voltage, V  (AC or DC)

220 or 110
Power consumption, V A, maximal 350
Dimensions (WxDxH), mm, maximum 610x690x2016
Weight, kg, maximum 260
Climatic version and location category

UHL4 (boreal climate, from +5 to +45 degrees Celsius)



The substation control panel is designed to form automated control systems (SCADA) of the traction substations, using digital protection and programmable logic controllers.

Substation control panel provides:

  • Telemechanical control of the substation (sending/receiving signals of telecommands, telemetry and telesignaling)
  • Remote control of the substation (using integrated controls and indicating devices)
  • Collection and transmission of the telemetry and diagnosing data via digital channels of the data transmission network (DTN)

With the substation control panel any traction substation may be reconstructed with gradual connection of the new smart controllers and bay terminals, while the unmodified equipment is still controlled with the existing telecommunications panel.

     Substation control panel includes:

  • An operator station for remote equipment control.
  • A controller of the overall substation signaling.
  • A substation controller functioning as a concentrator of the substation information-control network.
  • A uninterruptible power system.
  • Interface convertors with galvanic separation.